Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook Shutting Down on 15 March 2011

By now, I know most of you guys have heard about the rumour that says Mark Zuckerberg is going to shutdown Facebook by/on 15 March in a so called press conference outside his Palo Alto office. He is said to have announced it and said "managing Facebook has become too stressfull".

I believe this is 99.9% a hoax. Yes, I repeat, a hoax! False and total false!

It's a rumour that is published on Weekly World News.

Why I say so?:
  1. If this is true, why it is only reported by a single not so famous website (originator). It should be announced by most of the top news website & even TV news. Probably that this website wishes to gain cheap publicity by creating such rumours.
  2. This website is best known for past scoops such as Alien Spaceships to Attack Earth in 2011 and Megan Fox is a Man.
  3. Although Facebook is not public listed, it has quite a number of investors & shareholders and Mark Zuckerberg only holds about a quarter of the total shares. Therefore it is not easy for Mark Zuckerberg to shutdown Facebook for whatever reason, without nods from the other shareholders.
  4. There is no official announcement made in Facebook website.
Conclusion: There is no need for you to go around saving all your pictures and videos. This is not a news, and it is certainly not even qualified as a rumour.

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