Saturday, January 29, 2011

Subash Surprise Birthday

Last week's Friday (21st Jan 2011) was Subash's Birthday and what he didn't know is that his beloved wife, Menaka, has organised a surprise birthday party for him (and her brother - a double birthday pary). I was shocked too because she called me the week before to confirm about my attendance and she got my number from Ben Joo Ee. Menaka had planned this well enough as when Subash came down, he was in shocked with mouth opened (eventhough a little bit drunk. Hahaha...).

Subash, the Birthday Boy (center) & Menaka's Brother (right)

The Birthday Cake

It was a great event as Menaka had managed to gather a lot of Subash's classmates, workmates & UNImates. The event was attended by somewhat about 90 people. It's just great when I met some friends which I've never seen for 15 long years! We all chat so much that we didn't even stop except for taking our drinks & foods and also sometimes while eating.

From Left: Micheal (the Property Consultant), Khor (the most quiet), Colleen (wife of David) & David (the Magician and the Doctor)

From Left: Farrah (the I dont know what to call her), Hui Ling (the Lawyer) & Azra (the Talkative)

From Left: Hsien (the Cartoonist) & Jimmy (the Sales Banker)

After being thrown into the pool. No one wanna hug him after that. Hahaha

His speech after the throwing event. He is cool as he didn't run, but instead take off his non-waterproof items before offering himself to the event

Lastly, a group photo of us all (the Subash's classmates). At least I'm no longer the shortest in 'school' now

*** Edited the people count from 40 to 90.


  1. hahah...yeah i think hui ling is shorter! heheh. anyway thanks for the post and for gracing the occasion!...and apparently there were a total of 90 people that came...


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