Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Laptop Unable to Detect Unifi

I have seen a lot of people complaining:

  • "I'm unable to detect my Unifi from my computer/laptop"
  • "I am able to detect other Unifi connections except mine"
  • "My friends are able to connect to my Unifi but I am unable to detect my own Unifi"
  • "I am able to detect my Unifi from my other devices except my /computerlaptop"

Or anything similar to the above. I myself have experienced this issue a lot and tried finding for a solution. Apparently this happens because too many routers are connected using the same channel and it causes interference. Below is the step to set your router channel:

  1. Use a LAN cable to connect your computer directly to the router OR use another device that could access your wireless network.
  2. Login to your Router via
  3. Go to Wireless Setup on your left hand panel.
  4. Go to Manual Wireless Connection Option, then click Manual Wireless Connection Setup button.
  5. Go to Wireless Network Global Settings, unchecked the Enable Auto Selection Channel.
  6. Change the Wireless Channel to 11.
  7. Save the setting and restart the affected computer.
*** The above is for D-Link Router. Other routers should have similar option too.

You might want to set the Channel to the least used channel. You can install inSSIDer software to see which channel is least used.

I have tried this and it helps. I sure hope this will help you too! Happy trying.


  1. Hi! Recently my Unifi system can't connect to the internet although the HPTV and deck phone were ok. The TM Unify service contractor came and did something to my system and my desk top and one note book can work ok. I forgot to ask them to configure my HP mini notebook and it cannot connect to internet through wifi in my house.

    I tried to use your guide and when the the ethernet cable is connected to the router my HP mini can access the internet but even I changed the channel no. to 11, it canot connect to internet although it cantt detect my unifi signal and my neighbours'.

    I appreciate if you can advise me on this.

    best regards,

  2. DUUUUUUUUDE! Ur a lifesaveeeerrrr! #highfive! Thanks :D

  3. THANK YOUUUU! DUUUUUDE! Ur a lifesaver :D

  4. this really helps! thanks


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