Sunday, September 29, 2013

Minister complaints drivers not giving way

Referring to the website above, I don't understand the relevance of raising this issue. If UK, Britain, Singapore & other better countries can plan their journey or use other means of transportation for travelling, what makes them different? Why this time you didn't do any comparison?

One person did say "Traffic jam reflects our country prosperity & development." Therefore, they should enjoy the prosperity together with us.

Rakyat plans their journey everywhere and most of the time, we even have to leave our place 2-3 hours earlier because of the jam, why can't they plan like us too? Try to be more responsible, by planning better.

By the way, since he said that "we can still celebrate Raya without chicken, buy meat", then he should know better that he still can go to the meeting without car, take public transport.

Just my two cents!


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